Tuesday, September 29, 2009

iheartfaces: Blue

This weeks assignment was Blue. Just blue. I thought and I dug and I came up with a whole list of images that could work - but we're only allowed to enter one so I picked this one:

This was taken at a pier somewhere in Oregon (Newport, I think) when my nephew and I were on a bit of a road trip up there. I love the bright blue water and the blue sails and how the white boats pop against the deeper colors.

whew, I'm glad that decisions done.

Blue Decisions

The blog iheartfaces does a competition every week which I've entered once or twice via blog and flickr. But I haven't really bothered with it lately. But since I haven't posted in a while I thought I'd jump on it this week. The theme is Blue. Nothing more, nothing less. Just Blue. And being a bit lazy, I dug through my archives rather then actually taking out my camera (bad, I know - but that would have required me to put on pants). I suck at making decisions but you're only allowed to enter one photo. So here's my solution. One post showing all of the pics I could have used, and then a second post with the one that I did pick. So basically you get one post for the price of two . . wait . . that's not right. And since they're from my archives, most of you have already you will have already seen most of them. Deal.

I really wish I had time to take a poll or something on what to post but I don't so I guess I'll just have to figure it out on my own.

PS I've realized that I don't shoot enough blue. Nearly every shot I've found is either a blue sky or blue water. I think it's time to branch out.