Thursday, April 9, 2009

So here goes

Okay, I've been sitting on this blog for weeks/months now knowing that eventually I'd shoot something cool again that I could post on my now "dedicated to photos" blog. Well, guess what? I haven't done it. Forgive me? The only thing that I've shot since then was my house that I was getting ready to sell and an entire load of jewelry for a local designer to put on her website. Not really that exciting. But it's all I've got. And since you've already seen my kitchen photos (you have seen my kitchen pictures, right?) and the jewelry photos are about the most boring I've ever shot - don't get me wrong, the jewelry is nice but the pictures are simple and lacking in excitement - I figured I'd pull from the archives for this first post so you can kinda see where I'm coming from. And after my trip home this next weekend, I PROMISE that I'll have something new and exciting for everyone to look at. And in the meantime, enjoy the trip through my photographic history.

Okay, so there are only a few pictures here. But I got bored digging through my iPhotos. Especially since I've only got about 1/10 of my stuff on my laptop and it's not very well organized. My bad. Praise is welcome.

PS I really hope the colors look better in the actual post than the do in the preview. For some reason it looks like crap. So if it looks a little lame and muted, I'm sorry. Blame the blog, not the blogger.