Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Six Month Balancing Act

A couple of weeks ago my niece asked me to take six-month photos of her son - my great nephew.  And the question is, what do you do with a six-month old boy who wears 12 months clothing but still can't sit up on his own.

The answer is, you play a balancing act and hope he doesn't fall on his face.

And sometimes, it just doesn't work.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bradley/LeMmon Wedding

A few weeks back, I volunteered to help my nephew with some shots at his wedding and somewhere in the process their regularly scheduled photographer couldn't make it so on the fly, I ended up shooting their whole wedding.  Still not totally sure how that happened but that's not the point.  As some of you know, weddings are not my thing.  I don't even like going to them, let alone shooting them.  There's just something about the stress and the drama that just makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and cry - so much so that I've already decided that if I ever get married, I'm eloping in Vegas and Elvis is walking me down the isle (don't actually hold me to that, but don't be surprised either).

In the two hours we were at the Bountiful Temple between the luncheon and the reception, we were rained on, snowed on, slushed on, sleeted on and hailed on.  Then about fifteen minutes before we had to leave for the reception, then sun came out.  Go figure.  Anyway, here are some of my favorite shots, including the iffy lighting, gray skies, and the wet hair.