Monday, August 3, 2009

Home again, home again

jiggity jig

What is that, anyway? And how annoying is it that if you hit enter while you're in the title line, blogger will automatically publish your blog, even though it's totally empty. So for those of you (HA! Like I have any uber quick followers like that) who opened this post and it was totally empty, I sincerely apologize.

Anyway, went home to good ol' Sevier County for the 24th of July celebration and I have all of these thrilling pictures that I would really like to post for ya'll to see but unfortunately, I took them with my SLR so they're in my iMac and I'm currently sitting in Barnes and Noble on my laptop because the power is out at house which means no iMac and no internet. I guess I could bring the iMac down here as it is pretty portable, but I don't think they'd really appreciate it here and they may rethink their free wifi.

I'm all about the url links today. Well, actually, I'm just bored and that takes up a little bit of time. But look on the bright side, you now know what I shoot with, where I'm from, what kinds of computers I own and how I like my eggs . . no, wait . . eh, whatever.

So on Sunday (or was it Monday?!?) I went with multiple family members up to the "Elsinore Lookout Point". But don't tell ANYONE! It's a slightly illegal trail/road that a certain family member (who shall remain nameless) made on what I believe is probably BLM property. Well, you can tell people the point exists . . just don't tell them how you found out about it. It can be our little secret. Anyway, along the ride I did take a few shots with my digi point and shoot which I've got on my laptop so that's all you get for now.

Lauren, Kendyl and Kendal (aka Dad) getting ready to make the BUMPY trip

Chuck the Wonder Dog LOVES a good ride in the Ranger

Does this look like a road to you? Just wondering if I'm the only one that's a little skeptical.

And that ends the photo portion of our presentation for today. Maybe one day, when the power is back on, I'll publish the photos I actually took FROM the point. Consider this the most nail biting cliff hanger of all time.

But wait . . there's more! (I should be the next Billy Mays! Picture a thumbs up, here) Until next time, ponder this . . .

For some unknown reason, Chuck the Wonder Dog took to hanging out/sleeping under my mom's kitchen table while we were home. No idea what's up with that.


MJ said...

Cute to see Kendyl and Kendal together!